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Thinking creatively about careers

Learning about careers can be daunting when students first start out.

How can we help them broaden their perspective whilst avoiding overwhelm?

One way in is to write out a list of the career areas a student is most interested in and look at them altogether. This can give them clues that would otherwise be hidden. Can they see anything that links these areas?

Are they all about business? Creative? About the physical sciences? Perhaps they all involve helping people in some way. The nature of these links can suggest other pathways.

Look for unexpected combinations

What happens if they write each career area out on a separate piece of paper and move them around into groups and pairs?  Can they spot unexpected combinations? Could you help them to think of some roles that might combine two areas they are interested in? Some of the world’s most meaningful and interesting work is done at the intersections between career areas. Engineers worked closely with medical staff during the Covid-19 pandemic to design life-saving equipment urgently. Researchers in biopsychology discovered structural changes in the brain over time for those who meditate regularly.

Studying careers from this perspective can open up fresh lines of enquiry and pique students’ curiosity. They might love restaurants, but know they don’t want to work in one. They might like media, but journalism isn’t right for them. But public relations for restaurants on the other hand, could work very well indeed…

Our reports start off with a chart of a student’s initial interest in over 50 career areas. Spotting higher-order connections is therefore very straightforward even for students who are just beginning to learn this skill. To take a look at one, please get in touch with the team or book an intro call.


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