...you gave my eldest son very helpful feedback that assisted him in keeping his confidence during the IB and he is starting at the University of Oxford next month.

Parent, international school, Copenhagen.

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About Step One

We are specialists in careers and educational guidance. In other words, we help people to understand what makes them unique, and how to make the most of it. Founded by Alan Beckett, who has over four decades of industry knowledge, we provide a complete guidance service (Grade 7 – 12) for both schools and individuals all over the globe.

We are exceptionally experienced in guidance for international schools. Our best-selling aptitude and interest program, InterQuest, was designed specifically for international students and is updated constantly. It’s astonishingly accurate. Knowing that you’re making the best decisions is both motivating and reassuring.

Other original programs explore emotional intelligence, learning preferences, values and lifestyle aspirations. We offer guidance interviews with a team of award-winning counsellors. What’s more, everyone in the Step One community is given ongoing access to our online portal, designed to support further research and learning.