About Step One Ltd

Since 2000, we’ve been helping students all over the world to make better
decisions about their study and career paths.

We like to start early: most students we work with are aged 14-16, and haven’t yet chosen what to study next. InterQuest is designed especially for students grappling with these big decisions. The report we generate from their results helps them to develop an awareness of their own unique talents and interests, and how they might use them to carve out a career path they find rewarding.

Every student has ongoing access to a huge careers database so they can continue their research. Their personalised area is a space where they can browse opportunities, shortlist favourites, save notes, make plans and watch video clips about different roles.

Educators on every continent use InterQuest reports as a springboard for more meaningful careers conversations. We also have a team of professional guidance counsellors on hand to support your guidance team with one-to-one feedback interviews, if you like. Either way, we provide you with rich data and insights on each of your students, so you can make the most of your time with them.

Together, we can help more students get it right, first time.