Step One programs aid with motivation and self-confidence to achieve potentials.
They provide focus and direction for course selection and career decisions and give a student a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.
They offer significant information for university application

Guidance Counsellor

online psychometric tests

Enrich your guidance activity and reduce your workload with our range of original programs. Use the data they provide to track progress and accurately predict results. Use them for a cohort, or individuals. Slot them into your existing curricula or design one around them. All affordable, all online, immensely successful.

Each program offers support at the critical points of a student’s journey. No further training is needed, but we are always delighted to provide further insight. From easy to use guides, to webinars, to face-to-face training, we support our schools in a number of ways. We regularly present to groups of students too.

You’ll also have access to the Step One Dashboard. From here staff can access and download students' results, reports and progress anywhere, any time. This invaluable resource also provides collated summaries and handy guides to help explain and interpret the reports.

Students get ongoing access to MyStepOne, a portal with access to their reports, plus our pick of the best global careers websites.

Our leading programs for your students:


What is it?

Educational & career discovery program. Thorough analysis of aptitudes, interests & academic potential.

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What is it?

Explores learning preferences & offers tailored suggestions to develop independent study & improve grades.

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What is it?

Considers emotional intelligence & well-being, plus suggests strategies for flourishing both in & out of school

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