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Thinking laterally about careers

You know that there is more to careers in medicine than being a doctor or a surgeon.

And that there is more to computer science careers than lonely roles coding for 12 hours a day.

But we’ve found that students still need help understanding the breadth of roles available in every career area. Often they only recognise the stereotypes and can rule out whole areas of interest for this reason.

I once knew a girl who loved science, but did NOT love lab work and experiments. If she had understood, aged 14, that just like most industries, science needs communicators, marketeers, journalists… her choices might have been different. (Spoiler: yes it was me. No regrets mind you).

Mind maps like this one can help students to understand that not only are there many different roles in each area of work, but that there are other ways to approach thinking about work entirely. Students can consider their aptitudes and strengths and even personal values and lifestyle aspirations. Do they need to be a team player? Organised and methodical? Problem solving? Visionary? Confident speaking up, and able to handle any resulting criticism?

Our reports are designed to support lateral, holistic thinking about careers. That way, students make better decisions about study and career paths. To learn more about how it works, book a call with us, or drop us a line.

Careers in Computer Science – mind map download

Download this mind map for your own use. It is printable up to A3 size:

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